Like many of you, time is my biggest restriction, conflict, and asset. Whether we like it or not, it is the only thing that each of us has a limited amount of, no matter how rich or poor. People place different values on time depending on their belief systems and what they value. For me my past life experiences have reinforced, that my time is precious, understanding that, now I needed to figure out how to best divide it so that I was achieving everything I want and needed for a healthy, work life balance.

You can go straight into scheduling and planning, but I like to look within first to ensure that my heart marries up with my head. I recommend taking the time to really search and discover what is important to you and write it down, this will give you an honest roadmap to begin to plan your schedule with.

As a mum I find it hard to put myself first and always seemed to run out of puff when it was my turn to take some me time, which often turned into exhausted stints of sleep on the couch and I know I’m not alone! When I put my schedule together, this is one of the obstacles I knew I had to overcome to ensure it would succeed. So, remember to be honest with yourself and take everyone and everything that affects you into account, to give you the best possible chance to achieve the balance we all crave.

Things to consider when deciding on your needs and what it takes to keep you healthy both on the inside and out, will be different for everyone, depending on where you’re at along your journey. For me it meant regular yoga, mindfulness and healthy food as well as time with my family, friends and most importantly with myself. I am a big believer if you are empty and unfulfilled then you’re no use to anybody else, so I started the schedule with me first, filling everything else around. Don’t be fooled, it wasn’t easy, I too use others and work as an excuse to self-sabotage, this is where being honest with yourself is crucial. I found it helpful to look around at other successful people for inspiration because sometimes our friends and family may not be the best example or very supportive. I also made a vision board, it’s a great way for you to picture how you want your life to look and feel and can really help bring clarity and a sense of direction and purpose to your life. (if you need some inspiration or a little help for your vision board, here is a great place to start )

My work is important to me, so I wanted to place it quite high on my list, alongside my family as it gives me a great sense of achievement and I love what I do, it provides me with a lot of joy. This took a little creative thinking as I put myself at the top and felt I had all these tops of the list items and not enough time to do them in. My answer was to be clever with my schedule and teach my children the importance of being organised and planning to spend time together, so no one missed out. This also demonstrated to them healthy self-habits, so they would learn the importance of filling their cup up.

Some patterns are hard to change, unless I did yoga early in the morning while the house was still sleeping, I found things would pop up that prevented me from achieving this, it may be self-sabotage or that protective mummy gene but either way I still found a work around and you can too. Work, life balance I feel is achievable, it may take some effort but it’s definitely worth it.

It doesn’t matter what your schedule looks like at the end, the only person that needs to be happy with it is you. I think you’ll find though that by rearranging your life to place importance on you and your dreams, you will feel amazing and it just might be the spark you needed to begin a whole new journey to a healthier, happier you!

Lia Perre