Do you ever wonder who is actually reading your resume or screening your application? When did recruiters make the leap from humans to gods? These were my thoughts exactly until I was hired by a recruiting company and got to see the other side. Now I ‘ve made it my mission to change the way our recruiters are seen and the way in which candidates are treated.

You see a job you want, and you apply, sometimes it’s because you need money and other times its because you think you’ve found your dream job! Either way I’m sure once you’ve applied and sent off your application, you’d like some sort of heads up as to how you went and if you were unsuccessful, maybe some hints as to why?

This is commonly known as the recruiter black hole and is something Synaco take very seriously. We are not like other companies and make sure that whoever joins our team also shares these values. We strive to connect with our applicants and let them know that we are people on the other end of their email and that we personally go through each and every application.

It is true, technology has come a long way, but people don’t fit into nice little boxes, sometimes the most extraordinary things come in the most unlikely packages! It is for this reason that we take such care with our applications, looking beyond the resume and experience, to match the right person to the right workplace. It is not a simple black and white process, there are people’s unique personalities involved. We take the time to really understand the business and position we are hiring for, this corelates to a very high success rate and equals happy people all round. We value the ‘right placement’, over any placement, and that is a huge differentiating quality of Synaco and the biggest reason second to the awesome team, as to why I chose to work here and be a part of this amazing journey.

Over the coming months I am going to give you the inside scoop as to what’s important to include in your applications, the how-to’s of resume writing and the secrets to becoming a successful applicant. Any other tips or advice you would like, please comment below or follow and message us on Facebook, we are always happy to help.