Four Social Media Secrets That Recruiters Don’t Tell You.

Australia has just come off a 16-month job growth boom but now is not the time to sit back, there are signs of things starting to tighten up which means it is the perfect time to ensure you have all your little work ducks in a row!

What are they? I hear you ask. It does depend a little on the field you wish to be employed, with LinkedIn being the preferred white collar platform and Facebook facilitating more of the blue collar but as with everything that can change at any time so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse.

The aim of the game is to make yourself as highly visible as possible and use whatever platforms help you do that. Once you have decided what the best fit is for you, I suggest maximising your profile and tailoring it to the position you are wanting and applying for. It sounds simple, but recruiters and employers alike look at your profile and very quickly decide whether you have what they are looking for. Your task is to make it as easy and fast as possible for them to deduce that. Use these platforms to showcase your personalised version of the skills and experience needed for the job you want.

  • Always ensure you have displayed the qualifications and experience that you see advertised for the position you are applying for or a similar one. We will always put the list of requirements in the job ad that must be met, ensure you meet all of them and make it easy to find for whoever is visiting your profile.
  • Use your social profile to convey your personality but think of it from an employer’s perspective, what qualities and personality traits do you think they would be looking for? Not drunken and messy escapades, these should be hidden on your personal profile by using the privacy settings. Although I tell my children, “don’t ever post anything anywhere that could affect your chance of employment because you never know what will develop in the future that will enable employers to pry, it may be private now but that doesn’t mean it will always stay that way.”.
  • Follow the recruiting company on your preferred platform. This will keep you up to date with any new positions and is also a great way to connect with recruiters directly, another way to get your name out there and noticed. Have a look at and follow Synaco.  
  • Finally, think about what makes you unique and make sure to exude this on your profile. There are quite often 300 plus applicants and many will have the required skills and experience needed so you need to make sure you stand out and they call you! Look at other profiles and find ways to be different, research other people that are already where you want to be, this may give you an idea on how they got there.

Social media is a great tool to give you extended reach and visibility, just make sure you are using it to help you and not hinder your future job perspectives.

Lia Perre