Attracting Talented Individuals

Synaco  uses a flexible recruitment methodology, designed in co-operation with our clients and partners. We use a variety of channels including our global database, a range of new and conventional media, partnerships and referrals and apply a range of search techniques to promote candidate interest in each role, this ensures a sustainable pool of applicants to meet business demands.

We ensure that we represent your company in a professional manner detailing exactly the roles on offer, what is expected from the applicant, the full package details and where and when they will be working. We give a realistic and balanced view of the opportunity, which ensures that we maintain a high success rate and are able to manage individual expectations more effectively.

We provide a range of supporting information with regards to VISA process, tax, healthcare, housing, schooling and so on.


Synaco ‘s skilled consultants undertake comprehensive interviews and assessments of each individual.  By using open-questioning techniques, and asking evidence-based competency and biographical questions, the consultants build an accurate picture of each candidate’s career history, skills, training and achievements. We ascertain suitability to the job role, and, where applicable, will utilise psychometric profiling to assess the candidate in terms of character and personality.

Whilst Synaco  has a standardised interview process, we are able to incorporate skills and ability testing aligned with each client’s own in-house HR processes.

Selection Criteria

Our Global Recruitment Team applies a number of selection criteria to the recruitment process:

–       Stage 1

The start of the process begins with reviewing CV applications to ensure that the candidate possesses the right levels of qualification and experience. This is carried out by experienced recruitment professionals and overseen by a dedicated Team Manager.

–       Stage 2

The second stage includes an initial telephone interview / pre-screen, to ascertain suitability and desire to migrate overseas, at the same time identifying any potential issues with respect to health or character that may affect the visa process.  At this point selected candidates are invited to a seminar, which includes a face-to-face formal interview.

–       Stage 3

During the third stage a formal interview takes place, which incorporates a competency-based interview where searching questions are asked around the job seeker’s experience, and they are asked to provide real-life working examples to answer the questions. Candidates will undertake technical tests as determined by the employer.

It is also at this stage where each candidate completes a drugs and alcohol test, and consent is sought to carry out a Police Check.

Finally we seek two work references on each individual before making final selection and recommendations to our client


We have specialist video conferencing facilities to capture our one-to-one interviews.  You will therefore be able to preview all applicants and pick the best employee from the comfort of your own desk, or via a laptop or mobile device if you’re out working on-site.

Innovate SYNACO

Further benefits of this innovative recruitment tool include:

  • cloud-based computer application – the documents and video components can be viewed through a web browser eliminating the need to email you large files, which can slow down your IT systems
  • a three dimensional CV –  the CV format is easy to read, complete with all the relevant documentation required to make your assessment simple including:
  • qualification and training certificates in pdf or word formats
  • completed interview documentation with comprehensive consultant notes
  • video footage of the candidate in a real interview situation, answering questions relevant to your selection process
  • an opportunity to engage a wider number of people in your decision making process – this recruitment tool allows you to make a full assessment of the applicants including their behaviour, communication skills and body language, even before you make the decision to interview formally
  • a library with dedicated client files – you will be notified when additions are made to your talent pool, allowing you to view new applicants in real-time making the recruitment cycle time shorter

Appointment and Referencing


Synaco  manages the appointment process, from making verbal offers to the candidates, through to dealing with pay negotiations, counter offers and resignations.

Our rigorous upfront processes ensure candidate expectations are managed from the outset, reducing the negative effect of counter offers from competitors, and job offers being rejected; resulting in a high success ratio of offers to acceptance.


We undertake all reference activity for the candidates supplied – and we obtain a minimum of two employers’ references; both in written form and verbally, to verify their position and nature of their relationship to the candidate.  This ensures the legitimacy and relevance of each reference provided.

Lead Times, Costs and Cycle

Lead times

The average lead time for international recruitment is fourteen weeks from beginning the search and selection process through to an employee starting with their new employer.


Synaco operates a range of fee structures based on the demand, volumes and the services required. We offer fixed-rate and percentage, commercial fee models, and each is quoted on an individual basis. We commit to offering a competitive fee structure that beats the industry average of 15%.


We will guarantee your staff for a period of six months; if the candidate leaves your employment within six months then we will provide you with a free replacement. You also benefit from the constraints of the 457 visa, which makes it difficult for the employee to join another employer.


Synaco  manages the entire visa process through our preferred immigration partners.

We aim to collect all relevant information early in the process to ensure a timely processing completion, and to reduce the negative effect of a lengthy recruitment cycle.

We process in large volumes so our clients benefit from economies of scale, and therefore reducing the immigration expense. Removing this process from our clients’ own HR teams helps to free up their internal resources.