The world of work is constantly changing, with new careers and interesting opportunities becoming available. We are experiencing big trends and research indicates three important things we want as part of a better job.

With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, we are seeing virtual working becoming more of a reality, though many jobs still require in person customer service. One of the big trends driving that, has taken place over the last decade, with the outsourcing of jobs. We have seen significant shifts in where and how work is performed, with flexibility and the age of digital nomads becoming the next big thing.

There is a higher degree of diversity – as result of a greater global perspective and availability of working and living in many countries, throughout the duration of people’s careers.

We are experiencing diversity in gender, ethnicity and generational perspectives, with the world becoming smaller, it is becoming more important to manage employee and workplace cultural diversity and tolerance. Not only are managers dealing with such demanding and delicate work scenarios, but customers are also a macro reflection of the workplace.

Research is indicating that the top three things that young new job seekers are looking for, align with the emerging trends for most employees:

(a)  Learning and personal growth opportunities

Employees want engaging and challenging job roles that keep creating bigger or more specific opportunities into niche` sectors, allowing for constant growth and career development. We are the generation of continual learning and self-improvement.

(b)  Being part of an authentic and trusted organisation

Companies need to provide an inclusive autonomous environment where every employee understands how they fit in with the strategies of the business. Employee engagement is being part of a great place to work and enjoying the time that you spend there. Employers are creating unique interactive office spaces with communal relax and refocus areas, ensuring greater productivity and buy in.

(c)  Having flexibility in their lives

People want more control over their lives. The standard way of designing a 40-hour five day a week job is changing. Employees want the flexibility to work their own hours or in their own location remotely. Some even prefer to split their time between two different jobs. Work life balance is becoming of greater importance and the youth of today are bought up with a “we can have anything” attitude, I say “why not?” I feel we could learn a lot and maybe try and implement a healthier and more balanced schedule.

How we work and communicate is very different from a decade ago, particularly as we engage and live through social media. These trends also have an impact on the industries and career options that you might be considering or that are available, it is definitely an exciting time to be alive and to find your place in the world of work.

Lia Perre