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October Employee Of The Month


Synaco are proud to announce October's employee of the month Jess, who is one of the longest-term employees of Synaco Darwin, having worked with us for the past 3 years with one of our larger Clients in the Road Construction sector. Since she started, Jess has continued to grow in her role and is, essentially, the “right-hand-man” to the owner of the business, being the lead on the ground in coordinating crews, work sites, customers and assisting with day-to-day supervision. She is a wonderful, bubbly personality who will always stop to help where she can and has [...]

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Work life balance, is it really possible?


Like many of you, time is my biggest restriction, conflict, and asset. Whether we like it or not, it is the only thing that each of us has a limited amount of, no matter how rich or poor. People place different values on time depending on their belief systems and what they value. For me my past life experiences have reinforced, that my time is precious, understanding that, now I needed to figure out how to best divide it so that I was achieving everything I want and needed for a healthy, work life balance. You can go straight into [...]

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Synaco Celebrating Community


Synaco Celebrating Community Synaco Global recruitment is delighted to share the news of their attendance at the recently held Raine and Horne awards night, recognising select employees for outstanding performance, within this well known local property management group.  As a bronze sponsor for the evening and a long-term client of Synaco’s, it was a great opportunity for some of the Synaco employees, to support Raine & Horne and celebrate their success alongside the local team.  It was great to be part of the evening and to witness many individuals being recognised for their achievements over the past year.   Synaco takes [...]

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Finding Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need To Be Hard


Finding Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need To Be Hard I know what you’re thinking, that’s easy for me to say, I have a job. That was not always the case, you are definitely not alone! I don’t think many people haven’t experienced the daunting, ego-deflating task of looking for work. What could be harder than putting yourself out there, time and time again and getting continually knocked back and rejected? Not much really, it is a very hard, sometimes soul-crushing experience, but rather than focusing on that, let’s work on your idea of who you are and what you have [...]

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