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11 09, 2018

How To Ensure You Receive An Interview


You have gone to all the effort of writing a cover letter and organising your resume, you’ve seen a job you really want and are desperate for an interview, but what can you do to ensure you get one? I wish someone had let me in on what is needed when I was looking for work, it would have taken the anguish out of applying for jobs. I hated feeling like I didn’t know what was expected or what was needed to give me the best chance to get the job I so desperately wanted, so here are my [...]

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13 06, 2018

Finding Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need To Be Hard


Finding Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need To Be Hard I know what you’re thinking, that’s easy for me to say, I have a job. That was not always the case, you are definitely not alone! I don’t think many people haven’t experienced the daunting, ego-deflating task of looking for work. What could be harder than putting yourself out there, time and time again and getting continually knocked back and rejected? Not much really, it is a very hard, sometimes soul-crushing experience, but rather than focusing on that, let’s work on your idea of who you are and what you have [...]

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