Synaco truly values our field employees and love to recognize and celebrate a different employee every month. Our Synaco July employee of the month is Darwin resident and refugee Andrew and is pictured with me receiving his $100 Coles/Myer voucher as a token of our recognition and appreciation. He was invited to register with Synaco for some casual cleaning roles if they became available and has been working for us over the past few months. His polite and humbled character is one of the reasons he was nominated as the employer of the month.

Andrew is very committed in accepting and completing any kind of cleaning roles we provide him, even on short notice. He has been completing work for several non for profit organisations representing our branch exceptionally well. He is always on time, friendly to the staff and residents at the hostel as well as doing a great job. The result was that the client requested him for a few more weeks.

Andrew’s biggest challenge is the language barrier, but this is largely compensated for with his eagerness to work for us at any time.
The Hostel accommodates homeless people, and Andrew was required to clean the facilities which he has done with a happy and cheerful attitude, everyone really enjoyed and commented about his work ethic and were very happy to have him on board.

He always tries to complete his work to the best of his ability, he is eager to improve and always follows up with his availability which ensures he is used for the casual roles we have available.

When working for one of our private sector clients he was very excited to hear from us and his statement was: “I will always work for you”.
During one of his assignments, he was employed to assist our workers compensation candidate with certain duties she was unable to complete. On a Friday, he was required to attend a dentist appointment for an hour or so which he has communicated to the team leader. On such day, Andrew brought his wife along to cover for him during the time ensuring that Gayle had the assistance and help she required to complete work duties.

Andrew is always at work, representing us in a very good manner, with a fantastic work ethic, politeness and hard-working attitude.
We are very happy to present him with his voucher and believe that it is important to continually demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation for all the hard-working employees we are lucky to have on board.

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Christina Erb