Rejected and wondering whether you should reapply?

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into the application. What if though instead of taking it personally and internalising the outcome, you treat it as a challenge and find another way to present yourself.

Depending on how far you progressed in the recruitment process, will determine the different options you should try going forward.

If you were interviewed, then sending a thank you email and request for feedback is a great place to start. You can up the ante by speaking directly with the hiring manager, this shows you are open to constructive criticism and willing to take on board and learn from their advice.

In this day and age, people really underestimate the value of connecting in person with your prospective employer. A conversation or a meet and greet will leave a lasting impression and could mean the difference between being overlooked or obtaining an interview.

If you received a straight rejection, have a look at how you present from your resume, did you demonstrate that you meet all the required skills or if you fell short address why they should overlook these or how other skills you possess could make up for these shortcomings. It is best to address exactly what is in the ad, this shows your ability to comprehend and respect their requirements. It takes an evolved and conscientious person to address the areas you fall short in rather than expecting the hiring manager to ignore them.

If lack of experience or skills is the issue, then maybe consider upskilling and reapplying at a later date. Stay in touch with the hiring manager, keeping them updated about your progress and reaffirm your desire to work at their company. This shows initiative and determination, all great qualities for an employee to have.

Good luck with finding your dream job.

Lia Perre