If you want the job done, hire a parent!

Now more than ever the tables are turning on domestic duties, however statistically speaking, there are still far more females staying home to raise children than men. This has led to women feeling unappreciated and in some cases being passed over for positions, but we should be celebrated for our multitasking, negotiating and planning skills, not penalised.


This is for any parent male or female who has ever had to navigate the world of children and all their unexpected challenges among the many rewards. It is a tireless job with little gratitude and a lot of sacrifice that shows great strength, determination, and resilience. However, despite these qualities, we still find many employees concerned about hiring parents, either they worry that we will have way too many disruptions for sick children, sports days and the likes or that we can’t be away from our kids if work travel is required.It is true, children are demanding and do take up a lot of time, but most families have great support networks whether it be family or other friends to help with the load and those unexpected crises. As far as traveling goes, maybe I’m speaking from a long-term parent’s perspective, but I look forward to ‘me time’ in whatever shape or form that comes in!


Multitasking would have to be at the top of my list for the best skills parents bring to work. You never really understand the true nature of multitasking until, you’ve been on the phone trying to sort out a mobile phone issue while stirring Bolognese, holding and feeding your baby and telling off your toddler for climbing up on the benches because she wants to help!

Parents are skilled veterans when it comes to handling a million things at once. This translates to a hugely productive employee with exceptional negotiating skills and the ability to keep calm in stressful and challenging situations. Parents offer a uniquely fresh perspective on the world and may see things that others can’t, they are great problem solvers and have the patience of a saint (well we try too!)

If you’re an employer hopefully you’ll consider these amazing qualities before looking over a parent for any positions. And if you’re a parent, stay true to and believe in yourself even when it feels no one else does. There are awesome employers out there and with internet businesses becoming bigger and more successful, your next boss might even be a parent or maybe even yourself!

Lia Perre