Motivating your Team: How to Make Work Matter.

In today’s world, it is no longer enough for managers to simply oversee their employees; instead, to get the most of them, bosses need to inspire and motivate their staff.

If you do a good job, your employees are more likely to be loyal partners in helping you build a thriving company with growing profits.

Agree?  Here, are some ways you can motivate your team, to make it count and make it matter.

Share your vision and set clear goals

Just as a sport coach often makes his players imagine that they have won the game before even starting to play, so does a supervisor need to create a vision for his staff.

When individuals come into the work every day, doing the same tasks over and over, they lose enthusiasm and get bored.

However, a manager that constantly brings up the bigger picture, stressing how every single person’s role plays in integral part in the company’s mission, employees are more inspired to keep working hard.

Communicate with your staff

Open and honest communication is at the heart of a happy and productive workplace. If you are a smaller company meeting regularly with employees face to face is a great way of connecting with your staff.

For larger companies, you can share written information, by creating an electronic company newsletter. You can include employees’ contributions, staff success stories, company news and business performance metrics.

Get Your Team Moving Together

No one can dispute that physical exercise is good for your health; however, there are other exercises that can prove to be a huge benefit for your business.

Motivational exercises are a great way an employer can encourage, inspire and drive their employees to be more productive and efficient.

Workers need to be motivated to perform at their best on an individual level, but also must be taught effective ways to work together as a team.

There are various companies that charge to put on corporate motivational events, but employers on a budget can learn to do this themselves by using online tools.

Give positive feedback and reward your team

Individuals thrive on positive feedback; therefore, it is essential for supervisors to provide it at the workplace.

Notice when your team works hard, and make sure to provide your appreciation. Don’t just focus on project goals, but acknowledge the small stuff like, employees on coming in on time, working long hours, or showing initiative.

It’s is especially important to make your staff feel recognised, valued and appreciated in harder times to get the best out of them.

Give employees a voice

One of the most valuable things a leader can do to get her team members engaged is to actively seek out their feedback on the projects they’re involved with. Employees need to know that their feedback is not only welcome, but valued and relevant.

Ask employees for suggestions for other ways of getting the task or project accomplished.

Listen and be willing to really hear their comments.

They know much more than you do about the everyday nature of their work.

So, let them have a say and see how performance improves.

If you’re wondering how to motivate your team, the limits are only in your creativity and thoughtfulness.  Find what fits the culture and values of you and your team and make it a habit. Any act of genuine appreciation will be felt by your team. Make more time for work that really matters.