You have gone to all the effort of writing a cover letter and organising your resume, you’ve seen a job you really want and are desperate for an interview, but what can you do to ensure you get one?

I wish someone had let me in on what is needed when I was looking for work, it would have taken the anguish out of applying for jobs. I hated feeling like I didn’t know what was expected or what was needed to give me the best chance to get the job I so desperately wanted, so here are my job search secrets to ensure you get an interview.

Firstly, let’s be clear, I don’t believe in putting limitations on one’s self, so I quite often looked at positions a little or if I’m being honest, a lot out of my scope. My reasoning was simple, I believed in myself and if I knew I could do it, then I would apply regardless of my experience. Whether this is something you do or not, I’ll run through my tips which certainly are great in either case.

The most important thing to do first is read the ad! I know it sounds basic but the number of people who haven’t read it properly is huge and there is nothing more frustrating to a hiring manager than someone not having absorbed or the details of the advertisement. Once you have decided that the job is for you and you desperately want it, look over the requirements and experience needed, put them into dot points so you can ensure you address each and every one.

Secondly, rewrite your resume to address all the dot points as near to the top of your resume as possible. Hiring managers read thousands of resumes, the easier you make it for them to match the skills and requirements needed, the better your chance is for an interview. Even if you haven’t all the skills, use the one’s you do have to show how they transfer or lead into the requirements, don’t leave it to the recruiter to work out how they correlate.

Make sure with your work history that you list it chronologically from last to first, as the more recent is the most relevant. Add under each position the skills they are looking for first, these are all they are looking for to qualify you for the next stage.

After you have sent your resume in, follow it up with a phone call, this personalises your application and could mean the difference between you being remembered and called in for an interview. Recruiters are human and unlike machines, they appreciate when you have put effort in and often the personalisation stops them looking at you like a name on paper and they start to see you as an actual person.

All these subtle yet crucial actions will make a big difference when applying for a job, remember try and find a way to stand out but at least ensure you make the hiring managers job as easy as possible and you’ll be sure to secure an interview and hopefully a job. The most important thing is not to get disheartened, the right job is out there and will find you, often at the most unlikely and unexpected time.

Lia Perre