Happy@Synaco Together We Walk For Street Kids

The team @ Synaco are excited to announce their global partnership and participation in the “Together we walk for street kids” initiative, facilitated by the StreetwiZe charity, based in Europe. This activity-based charity is dedicated to bringing together the goodwill of Australian based companies such as Synaco and the ‘all too many’ disadvantaged street-connected children, throughout the world. StreetwiZe develops mobile school carts and educational materials and trains local street workers to increase the efficiency of the outreach work done on the streets. The main objective of the mobile school methodology is to discover and unlock the talents of street-connected children, so they can regain a positive self-image and can start to make conscious decisions about their own future. Presently there are 50 mobile schools in 25 countries, spread across four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Synaco feels this is an important cause which aligns with our core values and social responsibilities. Knowledge is power, and everyone should be able to receive an education. Even more importantly, this amazing charity empowers children by utilising their skills and talents, passing them back into the world creating a full cycle of giving and receiving, where everyone’s contributions are recognised and valued.

To find out more on how Synaco is supporting this movement…..stay tuned…..