Inspired By People

Our core values are the very essence of who we are

At Synaco, we care about our culture. It’s something that we’ve worked on since we began. The heart of this company is our people, and how we work with each other is what makes us special.


We always work in their best interest because they enable us to do what we love each day. This means listening to and knowing our customers, as well as the men and women who share their career path with us, and whom we support and encourage.


is the collective commitment of our permanent employees and their involvement to complete the projects of our customers, candidates and temporary workers, to reach their goals together. We know that our performance depends on the quality and complementary skills of our people.


We have always been focused on skills rather than differences: each Synaco employee is unique, and we support the development of each and every one to ensure they all achieve success.


Our ambition is to achieve our customers’ goals, to reveal and promote the skills and personalities of our permanent employees, candidates and temporary workers to build and maintain strong relationships: a source of satisfaction and success.