12 06, 2019

Challenge Yourself


You're a few months into your new position and the day ahead is feeling very ordinary. You say hello to Jonny on your way in the door, get your coffee and daily tasks, and settle in for a day’s work. But the truth is, you’re bored. Very bored. Things were interesting when you first started out. There were new systems to learn, working out what was expected of you, and lots of new people to meet and get to know. But now you’ve met everyone, you understand the basics, and the challenge has faded. Now there’s just the day-to-day routine, and that’s not half as [...]

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21 02, 2019

December Employee Of The Month


The winner of our candidate of the month is Dimitrios. Dimitrios demonstrated outstanding commitment and flexibility in support of Synaco for two of our valued clients recently. Available at short notice he has gone above and beyond fulfilling crucial short term recruitment needs for one of our clients, cancelling pre-made personal plans in aid of our their immediate needs. Synaco is proud to share that since then he has been recruited for a long term full-time role through Synaco with another of our valued clients, already making a reputation for himself as an incredibly hard-working and positive character in a [...]

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13 12, 2018

October Employee Of The Month


Synaco are proud to announce October's employee of the month Jess, who is one of the longest-term employees of Synaco Darwin, having worked with us for the past 3 years with one of our larger Clients in the Road Construction sector. Since she started, Jess has continued to grow in her role and is, essentially, the “right-hand-man” to the owner of the business, being the lead on the ground in coordinating crews, work sites, customers and assisting with day-to-day supervision. She is a wonderful, bubbly personality who will always stop to help where she can and has [...]

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29 11, 2018

Focusing on more than just the world of work


Synaco focus on more than just the world of work, as a part of Synaco’s values and commitment to our community, we have been working with the amazing organisation StreetwiZe - Mobile School who developed a mobile school with hundreds of educational games. All our employees worldwide were given a Garmin to record the number of steps we were together walking for street kids. Every 150,000 kilometres collected, goes towards providing a mobile school, which would be delivered to disadvantaged communities to help bring education to those who would otherwise not have any. To Learn More The Synaco [...]

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22 10, 2018

The evolving virtual world of work


The world of work is constantly changing, with new careers and interesting opportunities becoming available. We are experiencing big trends and research indicates three important things we want as part of a better job. With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, we are seeing virtual working becoming more of a reality, though many jobs still require in person customer service. One of the big trends driving that, has taken place over the last decade, with the outsourcing of jobs. We have seen significant shifts in where and how work is performed, with flexibility and the age of [...]

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