Recognising, advocating and celebrating equal opportunity comes with many layers. The Synaco Darwin team had the opportunity to attend a NAIDOC Week 2018 morning tea hosted by one of our valued Clients this week, and it was a humble reminder to reflect on the cultural nuances of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. From my own experience in having been raised in an Asian culture early on, I still default to those benchmarks despite having now lived in Australia for 22 years.

This year’s theme, “Because Of Her, We Can!”, I found to be particularly relatable in considering the commitment, love and support that comes from the strong women in one’s life. Hearing the personal experiences from the guest speakers representing Larrakia Nation, it was a great insight into cultural and community leadership, challenges overcome and still faced, and their contributions to today’s youth. I could hear the pride behind their words as they spoke about leading young people by example, their battle scars and all their positive efforts to bring a happy, healthy and successful life to the people around them.

It is very easy to become complacent within one’s culture as each generation comes through. We lose the leaders whose adversity gave us the opportunities we have now. It is imperative for Traditional Owners and Community Elders to pass their wealth of knowledge, their values and connection to each other on to each new generation, and it is our responsibility as a nation to support that in every possible way.

Being able to embed ourselves within our community, across all cultures, is something Synaco are proud to be a part of, and our Darwin Team take every opportunity to explore and engage with our Northern Territory societal melting pot. The Synaco Group and our Clients genuinely believe in equal opportunity and investing in our workforces to develop and thrive by bringing their own values and experiences to the table.

Emma Pereira