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19 02, 2020

Merger strikes human resources gold – Synaco Global Recruitment and Acorn Human Resources join forces in WA


Merger strikes human resources gold - Synaco Global Recruitment and Acorn Human Resources join forces in WA The mining and resources sector in Western Australia is again booming and competition for skilled workers has never been more fierce. According to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA more than 124,000 people were employed in the sector in the 2018-19 financial year (50,000 more than a decade ago) and as at September last year the CME estimates WA had resources projects in the pipeline valued at $108 billion. The sheer scale of the opportunity is immense and for the sector to [...]

Merger strikes human resources gold – Synaco Global Recruitment and Acorn Human Resources join forces in WA2020-02-19T15:26:27+10:30
19 02, 2020

Are you doing what you love?


Are You Doing What You Love? I really want you to think about this. Do you really love your career? The truth is that most people either love or hate it. But some people don’t have a clear-cut answer. For most the answer is unclear as they are too focused on providing an income for their household.  Sometimes there are bigger things on the mind than how much you love your career. And sometimes, you just don’t want to think about it. But the truth is that you work a lot. In fact, working and work-related activities are, on average, [...]

Are you doing what you love?2020-02-19T15:29:56+10:30
16 12, 2019

Fear of family festivities? Change the conversation.


Fear of family festivities? Change the conversation. It's perfectly acceptable to approach the holiday season with dread. A big part of this is due to memories of past lunches and dinners where things didn't always go well. But there's more to it. By the time the holiday break comes around, many of us are exhausted from work so the pressure of being with family just stresses us out even more. As crazy as being around family can be, some of us would be very lonely without them. Be proactive and plan a conversation We plan food, we plan presents [...]

Fear of family festivities? Change the conversation.2020-02-19T15:31:18+10:30
11 12, 2019

Fatigue Management At Work


Fatigue Management At Work. We’ve all been there. It’s 2 p.m. and lunch is over, but instead of feeling recharged and focused.  You’re ready to curl up in a corner, turn off the lights and take a nap. No one will notice, right? While it’s completely normal to hit the dreaded afternoon slump, what happens when this feeling is around all day, every day? Workplace fatigue isn’t just being physically tired—it’s being mentally exhausted. So, what is work fatigue? Safe Work Australia define fatigue as “a mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces your ability to perform your work safely and effectively”. Signs of fatigue include: [...]

Fatigue Management At Work2020-02-19T15:31:53+10:30
2 12, 2019

Finding your work life balance


Finding Your Work Life Balance ‘Work-life balance’ is a phrase you probably hear often – and it describes a goal that anyone who’s ever been employed relates to. However a OECD report found that Australia ranks in the bottom third of all countries for work-life balance with one in five males and 7 per cent of females employees worked 50 hours or more per week. Juggling the need to earn money and fulfilling the need to have non-work interests, and commitments is challenging. In an ideal world, your professional and personal life should support and strengthen one another. Whether for [...]

Finding your work life balance2020-02-19T15:32:25+10:30