Are You An Emotionally Intelligent Job Candidate?

The emotionally intelligent job candidate is one who has cultivated interpersonal characteristics to establish and develop positive and effective relationships with their co-workers and managers. These characteristics, like any skill, can be improved over time.

A job seeker can best display emotional intelligence to a potential employer during a job interview and it is important to think and prepare yourself on how you intend to demonstrate these skills. In an interview, an employer is seeking to learn your motivations—what makes you get out of bed in the morning and what is your purpose and drive. They are feeling out the state of your emotional maturity, how you perceive the world, how you feel about work, and how composed you are. By showcasing your emotional skills along with your job performance skills and abilities, you make yourself look like an ideal candidate.

What exactly is emotional intelligence and how can you build and improve yours to convey your emotional capability and make a great impression on an employer?

Confidence is one of the first indicators and generally exudes through on your first meeting and establishes a trust and rapport with the hiring manager. It is super important to be genuine and allow your natural confidence to shine through. I know it can be hard sometimes if you are a nervous person but try to remember all the reasons you are applying for the job and why you think you are the best person for the position.

Patience is a trait ranked high on the emotional intelligence scale. To be able to handle situations with decorum and not react prematurely but show poise and wait until the right move unveils itself, takes huge amounts of patience. All good managers have harnessed these skills and therefore look for them in their employees. Take some time to assess where you are on the patience scale and maybe try some mindfulness techniques if you feel you need to improve in this area. Most importantly be patient with yourself, these skills take time to develop, the important thing is you become aware, that’s the first step.

Positivity is the last essential ingredient, one that many people underestimate the value of. Not only does positivity help establish the baseline for all your thoughts, it can change your perspective on any situation and turn something that seems hopeless into an opportunity to learn and grow. Not only does being positive greatly impact your life but it drastically effects all those around you, especially in the work environment. It’s been proven time and time again that people that work in a positive environment are far more productive with their time than people surrounded in negativity. It makes sense then, that the person hiring you is looking to add a positive influence to their team and this skill not only helps you land the job of your dreams but can literally turn your life around in an instant. If you feel you need to work on seeing the brighter side of life, try writing every night before bed at least five things you’re grateful for, this will slowly help turn your attention to all the good things surrounding you.

Let’s face it, there is no point going for the job if you don’t feel you will get it, this will only show through in your interview with pessimism and your lack of confidence. Ask yourself would you hire you?