Team Synaco love nothing better than to give back to the community and so when the challenge to work together as one global entity raising awareness and support came along, every single member of the Australian team jumped straight in!

We were offered the chance to participate in a fund-raising challenge by StreetwiZe who partner with The Mobile school to provide support and education resources to children across the world.   Over 100 million kids live out on the streets worldwide where they are facing violence, poverty and much more. But they are survivors with incredible strengths and potential. ​ Using fun and educational games, Mobile School helps street kids develop their skills and talents fully and provides them a reprieve from living out on the streets.  Motivated by their guiding principle “If a child cannot go to school, we will bring the school to the child,” they developed a mobile school with hundreds of educational games.  All materials and games are aimed at enhancing self-esteem and identity, discovering talents and becoming empowered. As such they build, right there on the sidewalk, a solid foundation of faith in one’s own ability, self-confidence and motivation, which is necessary to cope with further growth processes.

So how could we help?

Synaco Australia chose to participate in the ‘Walking for Street Kids’ challenge, in which we collectively work together to collect as many steps as possible, and then our France counterpart would convert these steps, into building a mobile school for disadvantaged children.  This also encouraged our team members to think about their health, get out and walk more and created an opportunity to engage in-team challenges.  Each team member was provided with a Garmin and then our Ambassador, Donna Hampshire split the country up, selected 3 teams and pitted team mates against each other!

We ran three 6-week challenges in which the teams were mixed up at the end of each 6- week block Our teams were ‘Game of Soles’, ‘Red Hot Chilli Steppers’ and the ‘Sausage Strolls’!   Our ambition was to raise as many steps as we could, however the focus very quickly turned into how each team could beat each other!

Donna Hampshire